Learn how real estate agents can maximize your property's value

October 07, 2022

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Master ImageSelling or renting your property is not an easy task. Most people are under the impression that being a real estate agent is as simple as listing a home then wait for a buyer, that's it, job done. If that was the case, everyone would become a real estate agent, but the truth is that there are many aspects about real estate management that are not a piece of cake. Let's start with step one: listing the property. An experienced agent knows the market, by using real estate comparable market analysis "comps" to get an accurate estimate of a home's value and equity. You also need proper photos of the home and listing description. Secondly, there is the selling process and market visibility. The efficiency of the listing, the attention with the potential buyers and the eventual closing will be completely affected by who is the person in charge of the selling process. This person should be capable and a professional expert in real estate. These are some strong reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate agent for your
benefit regarding your property.

So, why should I use a Real Estate Agent when I can sell as a FSBO?
Can't I sell my home on my own? Wouldn't it make more sense to sell it myself? You may be asking yourselves these questions when considering selling or renting your home. Even though at first, it might be logical for a homeowner to try and do this process by themselves, at the end of the day looking for the value of a property, a buyer and getting it to closing is not an easy task by itself. Not to mention how time-consuming and stressful the process of selling/renting your home can be. In this process, you need time
to dedicate to marketing, calls/text from realtors/investors/buyers, showings, open houses, negotiations, and legal paperwork. You may benefit from selling your house yourself if you already have an interested buyer lined up or have real estate knowledge yourself. It is a full-time job and if you are already working a full-time job or taking care of your family, it can become very overwhelming. But here is where a real estate agent comes in. Your real estate agent is trained and experienced in handling those stressful, time-consuming parts of selling/renting a home. It is their full-time job and will work for you to get you the highest and best offer for your home.

What if you have a series of offers, how would you handle the negotiations that involve every client throughout the process?
Firstly, the for-sale by owners does not sell as fast and does not pay as well as when a professional oversees the job. A real estate agent has the house to house, face to face, deal to deal, market experience which will always enhance the chances of reaching a better and faster deal.

A real estate agent can negotiate even more than just the price of a certain property, they are educated on all the bureaucracy and multiple tricky points related to the legal aspect and the terminology which is used for handling these kinds of procedures. Giving you the security of a well-done contract, saving you from all the stress, lowering the chances for all the possible risks and best of all, giving you the best deal possible maximizing your property's value.

What about the listing? Isn't it as easy as just posting an ad online?
Wouldn't that be easy! As a FSBO you would have limit reach when it comes to advertising a listing. A realtor has access to listing platforms most homeowners don't have access to. They work closely with all the parties involved, that you as a homeowner may not like: property inspectors, loan offices, co-owners, banks, etc. Thus, apart from this, the legal knowledge of a real estate transaction. This can make the independent selling owner confused, tangled, and even discouraged from going ahead with the process.

When you sell your home with a real estate agent you are hiring a professional, an experienced agent knows the market, by using real estate comparable market analysis "comps" to get an accurate estimate of a home's value and equity. Once they have the property listed at the correct price, they will need to get proper photos taken of the property. These photos are going to make the difference on the success of open houses and potential buyers.

The final step in listing the home as a real estate agent is the listing description. The real estate listing description must be accurate, setting unrealistic expectations helps no one. Your real estate agent will know this and will set realistic expectations for potential buyers. They know the tips to consider when writing a listing description: Choosing adjectives wisely, avoid using red flag words like "fixer" or "TLC", they will include words that add value, highlight unique features, and take notice of punctuation.

Real estate agents have a unique work ethic
In the profession of real estate agents, they start working for you before being compensated, in reality they start working for you even before the listing agreement is even signed. A realtor does not see a penny from their clients until the transaction and the deal is totally closed. Meaning, realtors do all the hard work upfront and focus on getting the property to closing on time and as planned. Part of this is always carrying the correct permissions and licenses for executing the job. Another huge part of being a realtor is being educated on the real estate legal process and negotiations. Most homeowners are not educated on the real estate legal process and negotiations, which can have negative results like losing money at closing.

Sometimes simply because the homeowner didn't know the actual value of their property or how much they could have made with proper negotiation skills. Remember, this is the realtor's full-time job, so they work around the clock on your behalf to ensure you both walk away of the transaction satisfied.

For a recap, do you need a real estate agent for maximizing your property's value?
The answer is yes, absolutely. A real estate agent will deal with all the pros and cons of a real estate transaction. They come with all the tools for maximizing your property's value. Real estate agents are licensed professionals specialized in their field after years of training. Selling houses is what they do, and they are the professionals for that job. They won't just save you a lot of time, but also stress and even lots of money. A good agent knows how to price your house correctly, they have connections on the market, which they use for getting the exact data, and accurate facts regarding your property and the different aspects that play in its selling or renting price. As it was pointed out before, without a real estate agent you will be wandering in long days of waiting, probably not knowing what to do and where exactly to go or to connect to selling your property. Unless you have a lot of market experience, you will probably find yourself lost trying to get the correct place for doing what you want.

If you are looking forward to selling or renting a property, when it comes to market knowledge, client attention, a clear and strong negotiation strategy and focus, a real estate agent is exactly what you need, working with one of these professionals has plenty of benefits, and of course, if we look at the bigger picture, working with this kind of support will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Selling your home can be an overwhelming process if you do not have the right advice. That is why we recommend working with an expert company that you can trust to keep your best interest in mind while guiding you through the sale of your property. Remember, at Cross Country Realty, we can advise and guide you through this process. Contact us and ask for information at 800.CCR.3606.

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