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Do you want to fix and flip homes? Are you looking for rental income? Let us help you!

With the real estate market bursting at the seams right now, it's a great time to find a home that needs some work and flip it for a higher price. At Cross Country Realty, we can match you with a property in your preferred area and help you see your plans come to fruition. With a negotiation team in house, we pride ourselves on helping investors, like you with short sales and getting them to you at the lowest possible cost! We have 18 years of short sale experience and a pipeline of homes ready for you!

Are you looking to earn passive income?

Many people are unable to obtain a mortgage due to the state of the economy. When you work with Cross Country Realty, we can help you not only help you flip a property, but also find a tenant! Renting your property also allows you to keep the property if it appreciates in value, and gives you the option to sell it when the time is right. Did you know there are tax benefits as well? These deductions and write-offs can really help offset gains and losses elsewhere.

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Gallagher Capital is a leading private real estate lender specializing in commercial real estate financing.

The discretionary fund structure offered, ensures that capital is allocated efficiently and reliably, allowing borrowers to successfully complete their real estate transactions on schedule.

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